Get your Social Media Marketing from ZERO to SUCCESS!

Is Social Media sucking absolutely everything out of you?

Do you feel "Stressed" simply thinking that you NEED to post something on Social Media today or your company will fall behind? 

YES! Help me!

So many small business owners and entrepreneurs are on social media because they've been told they NEED to be there not because they WANT to be there.

Posting on social media without a plan is almost like throwing spaghetti to the wall and hoping it sticks. In most cases it ends up being:

  • messy
  • inconsistent
  • unappealing
  • awful looking to the eye

In most cases the individual simply has no real understanding of how social media is effecting their business on a daily basis and how being organized will help them grow their business and increase their sales funnel.

Social Media Marketing

Just because you’re a small business doesn’t mean you can’t have a booming voice. Social Media Marketing allows organizations of every size to reach massive audiences and perform against a wide variety of metrics.

Content Creation

Does the thought of creating consistent content for social media scare you? Are you overwhelmed by the amount of time it takes to create content? Do you wish you had the tools and direction to do this properly?


Everything successful needs a plan so why would you think that social media marketing is any different? A well established social media strategy will be the foundation of your online success.

If you've been nodding your head in agreement then our ZERO TO SOCIAL MEDIA SUCCESS course is for you.

This online training will provide you with all the tools to engage your target market and drive your business with social media marketing.

In this extensive Zero to Social Media Success course, you will learn:

  • Who your target market is.
  • Where your target market hangs out
  • What platforms you need to be on (if your target market isn't there... why are you?)
  • How to properly setup the social media platforms you need to use
  • What content is appropriate to share with your followers
  • How often you should be sharing content
  • How to create and find appropriate content
  • How to engage with your followers to build relationships
  • How to provide consistent customer service 
  • What scheduling tools exist to monitor and manage social media activities

After completing this training program, you will have:

  • Updated and Optimized Social Media Accounts 
  • A Social Media Marketing Strategy 
  • Content calendar for the remainder of 2018
  • A plan for your 2019 content calendar
  • New followers
  • More FREE time




Meet Your Trainer:
Kerra AuCoin Mansfield

Over the last five years, Kerra has focused on helping organizations in industries such as tourism, food services, event management, conferences, and more grow and develop by putting their story on display for the world to see. Kerra is focused on building social media strategies that are goals and analytics driven and ensuring that companies know what to post, and more importantly, why.

Kerra loves speaking at events and organizations, in English and French, on a variety of topics revolving around social media. She has also  helped build BlogJam Atlantic into the region’s premiere blogging conference, focused on helping entrepreneurs, organizations, and influencers grow their businesses through great content.

Here's What You'll Get When You Signup for ZERO TO SOCIAL MEDIA SUCCESS:

  • Comprehensive Training program available via online platform (valued at more than $1,897)
  • Resource library of supplemental materials (valued at more than $497)
  • Private Facebook Group (valued at $697)
  • One-on-one coaching call with Kerra (valued at $297)
  • Bi-Weekly live conference calls for Q and A (valued at $1197)
  • Group support and feedback (Priceless)
  • Additional support via private online forum (valued at $597)
  • Access to the trainer throughout the entire course (valued at $997)
  • Work through training at your own pace and on your own time (Priceless)



  • Social Media Audit (valued at $300)

Regularly Discounted Price: $1,597

Register for our anniversary sale and receive everything above for only $997


That's a total value of OVER $6,000 for ONLY $997.

You've read this far, so what are you waiting for?

If you're ready to take your Social Media Marketing to the next level...

Don't wait any longer! Join Zero to Social Media Success and let's get your target clients in front of you!


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